Vermont Tractor Pullers Association
2.5 Diesel (2017 Update) Driver Eligibility:   1. General rules apply.  2. Minimum 16 year old licensed driver.  Safety:  1. OEM seatbelt or better must be worn.  2. DOT approved helmet with chin strap fastened.  3. No passengers on track or in pit area.  4. Fire extinguisher recommended.  Vehicle Eligibility:  1. Daily-driven on the road full bodied diesel pick-up trucks 2. Maybe 2WD or 4WD.  3. Must have current registration.  4. Must have current insurance card. 5. Current inspection and inspectable condition.  Chassis:   1. Engine and drive line must come factory in a one ton or less pick up.  2. Engine in OEM location for the body used.  3. No Wheel tubs, back half conversions or tube/homemade chassis.  4. OEM floor pan and firewall is MANDATORY.  5. Factory wheel base must be maintained.  6. Trucks must have four wheel working breaks.  Engines/Drive Line: 1. Limited to a stock-appearing, OEM make-specific compression ignition engine.   2. The fuel injection pump is limited to cylinder number specific (i.e. 6 cylinder pump on 6 cylinder motor).  The use of multiple high pressure common rail fuel pumps or HPOPs are permitted.  P pumps that are allowed are the p3000 and the p7100  Ag governors are allowed. No Sigma or 12 cylinder pumps allowed. 3. Electronic modules, tuners and programmers allowed.  4. After market air induction systems allowed.  5. OEM intercoolers only.  6. Engine must be governed at OEM specs.  7. Exhaust must exit rear of cab, exhaust stacks are permitted, straight through exhaust permitted.  Exhaust must exit upward.  8. Fuel must be pump #1/#2 diesel only.  Soy/biodiesel allowed.  OEM fuel tank is MANDATORY.  9. Nitrous oxide, propane, alcohol, methanol and all other oxygen carriers and flammables are PROHIBITED.  10. Water injection is PROHIBITED.  11. Turbocharger OEM or aftermarket allowed.  OEM twin setups allowed.  OR 2.5 or 2.6 smooth bore.  Inlet size 2.500 maximum (2.550 Slug).  NO inlet bushings allowed.  12.  Must have OEM factory equipped transmission, transfer case, front and rear differentials.  Transmission brakes are prohibited. 13.  Drive shaft loops: MANDATORY SAFETY. All trucks MUST have 360 degree, 6” long u-joint shields covering; rear end yoke, rear output yoke, front output yoke and front end yoke.  The front output yoke cover is not required if lack of room prevents installation.  Shield thickness requirements: aluminum minimum of 3/8” and steel minimum 1/4”. Hitches:  1. Hitch must be a receiver style hitch, reinforcements are permitted.  The hitch  must be solid in all directions.  Bumper may be notched or removed.  The hitch height from the ground may not exceed 26 inches.  The hooking point must have a minimum of 3 inch by 3 ¾ inch inside opening for the sled hook.  The hooking point must be a minimum of 44 inches from the center of the rear axle to the hooking point.  Hooking point is defined by where the hook lays on the hitch.  May have drawbar type hitch.  Drawbar angle must not exceed 25 degree angle from the pivot point to the hook point. Suspension:   1. No solid blocking.  MUST have a workable suspension.  Air bags and timbrens allowed.  2. Traction bars, sway bars and limit straps allowed. Tires:   1. Tires must be DOT approved.  NO modifications allowed, i.e.: no cutting, grooving etc.  After market tires and wheels allowed.  2. No studs and no tire chains.  3. Duals, only on OEM setups.  4. All wheel studs and axle bolts/studs MUST be used and tight. Use of hub caps and axle stud guards recommended.  Added Weight:   1. Weight in pick up box or on front bracket only.  2. Front weight bracket and weights not to exceed 60” forward of centerline of front axle.  3. No weight under hood or in cab.  Weight Class:  8500 lbs with driver