Vermont Tractor Pullers Association
Street Mod 4 x 4 Gas  (2017 update) Driver Eligibility:  1.  General rules apply.  2.  Minimum 16 year old licensed driver.  Safety:  1. OEM seatbelt or better must be worn. 2. DOT approved helmet with chin strap fastened.  3. No passengers on track or in pit area.  4. Vehicle must have working brake and reverse lights.  5. 2 ½ lb Fire extinguisher REQUIRED.  Recommended Safety:   1. All trucks with standard transmission will have steel bell housing with block saver plate or will be equipped with a 3 strap transmission blanket on the bell housing.  2. All trucks with automatic transmission will have a transmission blanket or SFI approved 360 degree shield extending from bell housing to tail shaft.  1- Six strap or 2- three strap blankets are allowed.  3. All trucks should have 6” long u-joint shields covering rear end yoke, rear output yoke, front output yoke and front end yoke.  Shield thickness requirements: aluminum minimum of 3/8” and steel minimum 1/4”. 4. Axle hub guards must be a minimum of 3/16” aluminum or 1/16” steel.  5. Hub caps are recommended.  6. Kill switches MUST be mounted independently of drawbar.  Cable end MUST have a loop to attach to sled and MUST be located in the rear center of truck.  Minimum of 14”above hitch and a maximum of 6” off center in either direction.  7. Engine side shields to be 1/16” steel, from cylinder head to oil pan or factory steel inner fenders that are not cut.  Vehicle Eligibility:  1. Factory produced 4-wheel drive pick-up.  2. No doodle bugs, no homemade frames.  3. No jumping of classes. 4. TRUCK LIMITED TO 2 HOOKS PER EVENT.  5. Must have current registration. 6. Must have current insurance card. 7. Current inspection and inspectable condition. Chassis:   1. Trucks must have four wheel working brakes.  2. Headers and/or open exhaust allowed.   3. Factory wheel base must be maintained.  4. OEM floor pan and fire wall must be used. 5. The batteries must be securely mounted.  They may not be located in the driver compartment or forward of the radiator core support.  6. Radiators must be in the stock location and must be at least stock size.  Engines/Drive Lines:   1. Gasoline only.  All other fuels NOT allowed.  2. OEM aluminum components allowed.  3. Trucks may use any brand of carburetor, but must only use one.  NO 4500 carburetor. 4. OEM fuel injection allowed.  5. Must have OEM factory equipped transmission, transfer case, front and rear differentials. Transmission brakes are prohibited.  6. 2 drive shaft loops for rear drive shaft MANDATORY, minimum ¼” x 1½” steel flat stock.   No ready rod or chains.  Loops to be mounted 6” from u-joints and securely mounted to frame.  Front drive shaft loops recommended.  7. Naturally aspirated or OEM brand specific manufactured forced induction allowed.  Hitches:   1. Maximum of 26” height.  Reese style hitch, minimum class 3 (2 x 2 receiver) rigid in all directions. Reinforcements recommended.  2. 6” riser maximum.  3. No hooks to bumper or ball.  No clevis. 4. Hitch must have a 3 ½” hole.  5. No excessively rusted frames.


1. No solid blocking.  Must have a workable suspension.  Air bags and timbrens allowed.  2. Traction bars and/or strapping of suspension allowed.  3. Lift kits allowed.  Tires:   1. Tires must be DOT approved.  No modifications allowed: ie: no cutting, grooving etc. After market tires and wheels allowed.  2. No studs, no tire chains and no duals.  3. All wheel studs and axle bolts/studs must be used and tight.  Use of Hub caps and axle stud guards recommended.  Added Weight:  1. Weight in pick up box allowed.  2. Front weight bracket and weights not to exceed 60” forward of centerline of front axle. 3. No weight under hood or in cab.  Weight Classes:      5800 lbs with driver, 6200 lbs with driver and 6800 lbs with driver  *TRUCK LIMITED TO 2 HOOKS PER EVENT*