Vermont Tractor Pullers Association
Enhanced Antique Tractors  (2017 updates) Speed: 1. Speed limit will be set at 7 mph. 2. If speed exceeds 7 mph after 75 feet, the pulling tractor will be shut down and disqualified. Driver Eligibility:  1. General rules apply  2. Driver must be 16 year of age or older.  Those under 18 years of age must have written parental/guardian permission.  Safety: 1. All tractors must have a dead man throttle and working safety kill switch.  Wheelie bars are mandatory per VTPA design specifications (refer to diagram in back of book). Wide front ends, fenders, use of seatbelts and use of rev limiters are highly recommended.  All tractors MUST cover the clutch housing with an approved scatter safety blanket.  Steel fly wheels are highly recommended.  2. All tractors must have side shields of at least .060” metal.  Enhanced electrical systems permitted in all classes.  Rev limiters are allowed as a governor.  All tractors must have a positive throttle stop with a fully operational governor.  3. Vehicle MUST have a 2 ½ pound B/C fire extinguisher, fully charged, with working gauge and be placed convenient to operator. 4. All enhanced antique tractors must have air shut off (diesel) or ignition shutoff (gasoline) that has a hook- up ring at the rear of the tractor to be connected to transfer sled.  Kill switch must be 6” of center with no more than 48” above hitch.  It is MANDATORY that an electric assist fuel pump be tied to the kill switch.  Chassis-Engines:  1. Tractors must have stock frame, transmission, rear end and axle housing.  Front axles must be safe, sturdy and similar to stock with a stock wheel base.  Crank cases must bolt to transmission in a stock appearing manner, be of the same manufacturer as the original crank case, and be of the same number of cylinders as the original make and model of the tractor.  Heads, blocks, (jugs) and manifolds must be of the same manufacturer as the crank case or that of a recognized replacement manufacturer.  Series engine must match series of tractor.  2. Tractors must be naturally aspirated.  No turbos or blowers, except two stroke GM diesels.  3. Any integral plate, girdles or reinforcement devices that enhance rigidity and improve safety will be allowed.  Deck plates can be no thicker than 1” material.  Girdles can be no thicker than 1” material.  Spacer plates can be no thicker than 2” combined. 4. Any updraft agricultural type carburetor will be allowed.  Diesel tractors may be converted to gas as long as they use gas heads.  5. Stock out of the field antique tractors, 1960 or older, rubber tired standard ag tread set in forward motion.  6. No alternative fuels (alcohol etc...) or gasses (such as nitrous) allowed. Gasoline or diesel only.  7. Hood, grill, and fan shroud must be in place if tractor was sold new with these items.  8. The RPM limits will 2750 rpm for in-line and 1800 rpm for 2 cylinder JD. Hitches:  1. No pulling from 3 pt hitch or other links hitched above centerline of axle. Exceptions include older Fords and Fergusons with-out draw bars. Also, Farmalls with 2pt hitch or quick hitch, these all must have the hydraulics disabled to the lift arms. Lift arms must also be mechanically stabilized at 20 inches or less.  2. Maximum drawbar height will be 20 inches from ground with a 3” x 3 3/4” opening. This will be measured from top of fixed hitching device while on scales or parallel to level ground.  3. Minimum length of drawbar is 18 inches from centerline of rear axle, measured to point of hook contact from sled or boat.  4. Maximum length of drawbar will be 36 inches from centerline of rear axle, measured same as rule# 3. Tires:  1. No steel lug wheels.  2WD drive only.  No duals.  Any cut allowed on tires.  2. No duals, studs, or chains.  Added Weight:  1. Weights must not extend rearward beyond rear tires and cannot be more than 11’ from the center of the rear axle to the furthest point forward. Weight Classes: Weight Classes- 3000 lbs; 3500 lbs; 4000 lbs; 4500 lbs; 5000 lbs; 5500 lbs; 6000 lbs; 7000 lbs; 8000 lbs with driver  Misc.: Tractor may be entered in no more than 2 classes per event- once per class: no switching of operators within classes.  At the discretion of the officials, additional hooks may be allowed if not enough participants.