Vermont Tractor Pullers Association
ATV’s 1150 lbs, 1250 lbs & 1300 lbs 2015-2018 (Not offered at every event) 1. General Rules apply. 2. Operator must be at least 18 years of age. 3. Helmet, pants, shirt and closed toe shoes REQUIRED. No shorts. 4. Hitch height: Maximum of 13 inches.  Mounting hitch point must be located behind rear axle. 5. Hitches: 2 inch hole or 2 inch straight or twisted clevis or hitch.  Driver will be checked for weight and hitch height when ready to pull.  NO BALL HITCHES. 6. Weights: Rear weight must not stick out past rear tires, or past side of tires.  Front weights must not extend more than 16 inches from furthest point of ATV.  No wheel weights. 7. Tires must be OEM style ATV tires.  No chains or cut tires, or studded tires. 8. If ATV’s front tires come off the ground, the operator may be disqualified by a flag person or track official. 9. Must be seated on horizontal portion of seat – not in forward position.  EXPLANATION: NOT ON GAS TANK.  No portion of the body may break the plane of handle bars. 10. ATV can only be entered once per class. Team Garden Tractor Pulling 2200 lb combined weight (Not offered at every event) 1. General Rules apply. 2. All Garden Stock rules apply. 3. Anyone 10 years or older may participate in Team Pulling.  Anyone 10-14 years old is required to wear a helmet. 4. Two tractors maximum per team. 5. If tractor wheels touch, team may be subject to disqualification. 6. Judges may disqualify any team who is not competing in a safe manner. 7. There will be no limit to how many teams a particular tractor may pull in, unless there are 30 or more teams registered.  In this case persons/tractors in more than one team may be limited to one team only.  Registrations may also be limited to accommodate time constraints on the event. Shed Stock Garden Tractors (Not offered at every event) 1. General Rules apply. 2. Operator must be a minimum of 8 years old.  All operators 8-14 years old must wear a helmet. 3. All drivers must be able to handle their tractor safely by themselves. 4. Long pants, shirt, and closed toe shoes REQUIRED. 5. Adult assistance for youth pullers allowed.  See rules of Youth Stock for adult assistance. 6. If there are 30 or more participants in a class at an event persons with more than one tractor in the class may be limited to one tractor. 7. Factory stock, commercially available garden tractors only. 8. Engine RPM’s must be stock governor controlled to stock specs. 9. No weights allowed; this includes wheel weights and any other removable ballast. 10. No performance improving alterations what-so-ever to engine, transmission/transaxle, clutch or chassis. 11. All tractors must have a 1 ½ inch hole or clevis through the stock hitch. 12. Must have OEM muffler. 13. Must have a PTO intact on engine. 14. Maximum tire size: 23 x 10.50 x 12.  Larger allowed if factory available on that model tractor. 15. Only Garden Tractor turf style tires allowed.  No alterations. 16. Front and rear must use OEM stock rims only.