Vermont Tractor Pullers Association
Super Stock 1100 lbs & 1200 lbs 2015-2018 Driver Eligibility: 1. General Rules apply. 2. Drivers must be 16 years old and capable of operating the tractor in a safe manner. 3. Helmet, fire suit, and closed toe shoes REQUIRED.    a. Head sock and gloves are recommended if running an alcohol tractor. 4. A tractor may be entered only once per class. 5. A super stock tractor competing in the super stock class cannot move up a class in the same event. Chassis: 6. Maximum wheelbase is 56 inches. 7. Maximum distance from center of rear axle to farthest point forward is 96 inches. 8. Engine and transaxle must be from OEM produced garden components. 9. Tractor must have a stock appearing hood and grill (nose piece).  Switching to another factory sheet metal is permissible. 10. Tractors must have fenders to protect driver from the rear tires.  Fenders should extend a minimum of 4 inches out over the tires.  Tractors must have at least a 3 inch seat back. 11.  No additional power source attached to drive line. 12. Wheelie bars must be rigid in all directions and able to support the tractor and driver in the heaviest class.  Each skid shoe must be a minimum of 1.5”x 2” or the use of 5” round wheels 1” wide is allowed.  Tractor must have 2 skid shoes or 2 wheels.  The wheelie bars must be a minimum of 5” from the rear most part of the tire and maximum of 10”.  The bars must be a maximum of 5” from ground to bottom of skid shoes or wheels.  A vertical bumper bar 6” in height in rear most position is required.  Weights on back of tractor must be contained up to 1” before end of the wheelie bars. (Refer to diagram in back of book) 13. Maximum hitch height is 13”.  Must provide own clevis or straight flat plate with 1 ½” hole with a dead man zone of 3” on each side of the hitch.  Hitch must be rigid in all directions.  The kill switch must be centered approximately 10”-12” above the hitch in this area.  (Refer to diagram in back of book) 14.  ALL TRACTORS MUST HAVE a minimum of a 1 lb fully charged fire extinguisher on board in reach of operator.  A functional gauge on the fire extinguisher is REQUIRED. Engine: 15.  Engines must be commercially available naturally aspirated garden tractor engines.      V-Twin type configuration, Single-Cylinder OHV, Single-Cylinder flat head and opposed twin flat heads allowed. 16.  Maximum engine size will be as follows: V-Twin OHV = Methanol 45 cubic inches, V-Twin OHV = Gasoline 48 cubic inches, Single-Cylinder OHV = 45 cubic inches and Flat head engines (twin and single) = 52.5 cubic inches. 17.  No restrictions on valve lift. 18.  Cylinder  Head:    a.  OHV  engines  are  allowed  to  run  valve  cover  spacers.   b.  Flat  heads  and  OHV  engines  with  nonmodified  factory  OEM  heads  (weld  or  epoxy  area smaller  inch  than  a  nickel).    Will  run  1100#/1200#  with  13  inch  hitch.          c.  OHV  engines  with  recast  or  welded  heads.    Will  run  1050#/1150#  with  12.5  inch  hitch.            19.  Fuel  Systems:  Natural  Aspiration  only. a.  OHV  engines  carburetor  is  limited  to  one.  Maximum venture  size  or  restrictor  plate  will  be  1.200 inches.    No  air  entering  after  the 1.200  inch  restriction.  b.  Flat  head  engines  can  run  any  Naturally  Aspirator  fuel  system. Carbureted  engines  will  run  1100#/1200#  with  13 inch  hitch.  Fuel  injected  engines  will  run  1050#/1150#  with  12.5  inch  hitch.    20.  Weight  and  hitch  height  handicaps  can  be  changed  by majority  vote  at  any  drivers’  meeting.    Only  pullers  in  the  Garden  Division  will  be  allowed  to  vote.  21.  Engine Shielding Rules for single cylinder tractors only: 1/8 inch steel or 3/16 inch aluminum on external side of cylinder extending from head gasket to frame.  Shield must be attached to frame at the bottom and the block at both upper corners. 22.  Engine and driven components must be shielded with stock shields or 1/8 inch steel or 3/16 inch aluminum, 360 degrees. 23.  No Fin or Cast Flywheels. 24.  Fuel: Gasoline or Methanol only.  These are two U.S. Federal Grades.  Grade A and AA, either grade is permitted. 25.  No pressurized fuel tanks and NO nitrous oxide or nitro-methane allowed. 26.  Must have a “dead man” throttle.  Throttle shaft must have a return spring in case of a breakage in linkage. 27. ALL TRACTORS MUST HAVE a functional breakaway kill switch to cut engine, and fuel pump if tractor has electric fuel pump. (Refer to diagram in back of book) Tires and Wheels: 28.  Maximum tire size: 26 x 12.00 x 12.  Alterations allowed.