Vermont Tractor Pullers Association
Youth/Adult Garden Stock Youth: 950 lbs & 1050 lbs Adult:  1100 lbs & 1200 lbs 2015-2018 Driver Eligibility: 1. General Rules apply. 2. Youth classes are for children 8 – 14 years of age.  All participants in this class must wear a helmet. 3. Youth ages 12 and older may participate in adult classes with written parental consent.    4. Youth ages 12-14 must wear helmets in adult classes. 5. A youth participating in either of the youth classes is not eligible to participate in either of the adult classes at the same event. 6. A tractor can only be used for 2 youth classes and 2 adult classes. 7. A tractor may be entered only once per class. 8. If there are 30 or more participants in a class at an event, persons with more than one tractor in the class may be limited to only one tractor. 9. Adult assistance for youth pullers is allowed: a. Only one adult may accompany a youth driver onto the track as a coach.  This coach may assist the driver in getting in position, hooked to the sled, tightening the chain, and selecting the proper gear. b. The coach must then step behind the white boundary line before the flaggers will display the green flags. c. Once the pull is under way, a coach may not touch the tractor or interfere with operation unless the driver needs assistance in stopping the tractor. d. Any adult intervention after the pull is underway may result in disqualification, at the discretion of the tech officials. e. The driver is to watch the flag person, not the coach. 10. Any tractor not qualified as stock may jump up to Sport Stock AND must conform to ALL Sport Stock rules. 11. No Stock tractor competing in the Stock class can move to Sport Stock in the same event. Chassis: 12.  Factory stock, commercially available components.  Engine, transaxle, chassis, and sheet metal must be from a factory produced garden tractor and maintain stock appearance. Tractor components must be available from the factory as a set.  No mixing and matching of tractor components. 13. Tractors equipped with factory locking differentials are allowed. 14. No performance improving alterations to chassis.  Chassis may not be lengthened or altered to accept non- original engine or transmission.  Engine must be mounted in stock location.  Tractors must maintain original wheelbase for chassis.  Must use original front axle and have garden style seat. Must use original front    axle and have a seat with a 3 inch back 15. Maximum distance from furthest point forward to center of rear axle is 96 inches including weights. 16. Use of aftermarket parts and/or modifications to clutch, driveline and transaxle assembly are allowed to help prevent breakage.  Must have useable reverse gear. 17. Wheelie bars must be rigid in all directions and able to support the tractor and driver in the heaviest class.  Each skid shoe must be a minimum of 1.5”x 2” or the use of 5” round wheels 1” wide is allowed.  Tractor must have 2 skid shoes or 2 wheels.  The wheelie bars must be a minimum of 5” from the rear most part of the tire and maximum of 10”.  The bars must be a maximum of 5” from ground to bottom of skid shoes or wheels.  A vertical bumper bar 6” in height in rear most position is required.  Refer to diagram in back.  Weights on back of tractor must be contained up to 1” before end of the wheelie bars. (Refer to diagram in back of book) 18. Maximum hitch height is 13”.  Must provide own clevis or straight flat plate with 1 ½” hole with a dead man zone of 3” on each side of the hitch.  Hitch must be rigid in all directions  (Refer to diagram in back of book) Engine: 19. Must use OEM available, unaltered parts.  No fabricated intake manifolds, carburetor stand-offs, or velocity stacks allowed.  A stock appearing air cleaner must be used.  Carburetor must be stock, unaltered and unpolished.  Air restricting venture must not exceed stock size for engine model, horsepower rating, and configuration.  No port altering, grinding, or polishing allowed.  Ports must remain as cast. 20. No welding or modifying of block or cylinder head.  Cylinder head must maintain a combustion chamber lip at head gasket. 21. No performance engine parts allowed.  Stock camshaft only.  No billet steel or billet aluminum flywheels allowed. No welding or maching of stock flywheels.  All factory engine shielding must be in place. 22. Maximum bore size: .030 overbore from manufacturers standard specification.  Piston must be flush or below deck of block. 23. Must have lawn and garden type muffler.  No straight pipes allowed. 24. Engine RPM must be controlled by stock mechanical governor.  Max limit: 3600 RPM.  No electronic rev limiters. 25. Solid state ignition modules allowed. 26. Diesel engines must be controlled by stock mechanical governor to factory RPM specification.  No fuel system alterations allowed. 27. Gasoline or diesel fuel only.  No additive.  No gasoline above super grade that can be bought at a gas station. Tires and Wheels: 29. Maximum tire size: 26 x 12.00 x 12.  Larger tire allowed if factory available on that model tractor. 30. Only OEM Garden Tractor style tires (Turf or Bar).  No alterations.  No professional pulling tire of Chevron style. No ATV or DOT tires.  Tri-ribs for front allowed. 31. Rear rims 12 x 12 maximum size.  Front rims 8 inch diameter maximum.