Vermont Tractor Pullers Association
VTPA Wheelie Bar Specifications for all Antique and Farm Divisions: 1.) STABILIZER BARS at a minimum must be flush to the back edge of tire and not to extend more than 10” beyond back of tire.  Rigidly fastened to axle housing or rear end housing.  STABILIZER BAR system must be able to support the weight of the tractor in the heaviest class pulled. Jacking up the pads so the tractor is completely off the ground is a good test of the strength of the system’s support ability.  STABILIZER BAR and bar assembly is not to be mounted to the drawbar and drawbar ssembly (see Figure B). 2.) STABILIZER PAD must be minimum of 5” square with a minimum of 20” allowed from outside of one pad to another (see Fig. A) and a maximum height of 10” from ground. 3.)BUMPER BAR must be mounted furthest most back point of stabilizer pad vertical and minimum of 10” high. 4.)SUPPORT BRACE must be attached to top of bumper bar horizontally back to stabilizer bar.